Introduction to Printed Electronics for HCI

Printed electronics is currently changing the landscape of interactive devices and user interfaces. The technology enables novel types of electrical components, which are very thin and deformable. They can be integrated into a large diversity of materials and geometries. This can be used for novel types of devices, e.g. foldable mobile devices, interactive paper and wearable devices worn like a second skin.

Together with Jürgen Steimle and Daniel Gröger, I organized a couple of events to spread the knowledge on printed electronics in the HCI community. We organized a two-day academic workshop of the German Informatics Society in Saarbrücken (inventors workshop) and another workshop for the in|situ| group at INRIA. We also organized a tutorium at the Mensch und Computer, the largest german HCI conference. For these events we created a tutorial website for further knowledge exchange.


Jürgen Steimle and Martin Weigel

Praktische Einführung in gedruckte Elektronik für mobile, begreifbare und ubiquitäre Nutzerschnittstellen

Mensch und Computer 2015: Tutorial.

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