Next Steps in Human-Computer Integration

Human-Computer Integration (HInt) is an emerging paradigm in which computational and human systems are closely interwoven. Integrating computers with the human body is not new. However, we believe that with rapid technological advancements, increasing real-world deployments, and growing ethical and societal implications, it is critical to identify an agenda for future research. We present a set of challenges for HInt research, formulated over the course of a five-day workshop consisting of 29 experts who have designed, deployed, and studied HInt systems. This agenda aims to guide researchers in a structured way towards a more coordinated and conscientious future of human-computer integration.

Exemplars of Human-Computer Integration: extending the body with additional robotic arms [70]; embedding computation into the body using electric muscle stimulation to manipulate handwriting [48]; and, a tail extension controlled by body movements [86].


Florian ’Floyd’ Mueller, Pedro Lopes, Paul Strohmeier, Wendy Ju, Caitlyn Seim, Martin Weigel, Suranga Nanayakkara, Marianna Obrist, Zhuying Li, Joseph Delfa, Jun Nishida, Elizabeth M. Gerber, Dag Svanaes, Jonathan Grudin, Stefan Greuter, Kai Kunze, Thomas Erickson, Steven Greenspan, Masahiko Inami, Joe Marshall, Harald Reiterer, Katrin Wolf, Jochen Meyer, Thecla Schiphorst, Dakuo Wang, and Pattie Maes

Next Steps in Human-Computer Integration

In Proceedings of ACM CHI ’20.

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Florian ’Floyd’ Mueller, Nathan Semertzidis, Josh Andres, Martin Weigel, Suranga Nanayakkara, Rakesh Patibanda, Zhuying Li, Paul Strohmeier, Jarrod Knibbe, Stefan Greuter, Marianna Obrist, Pattie Maes, Dakuo Wang, Katrin Wolf, Liz Gerber, Joe Marshall, Kai Kunze, Jonathan Grudin, Harald Reiterer, and Richard Byrne

Human–Computer Integration: Towards Integrating the Human Body with the Computational Machine

In Foundations and Trends® in Human-Computer Interaction: Vol. 16: No. 1, pp 1-64.

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