Fingernail Displays: Handy Displays at your Fingertips

Humans are mostly using their fingers to interact with their environment. We introduce our vision of Fingernail Displays: tiny displays that are worn on the fingernails. We describe and explore the following application scenarios of fingernail-worn displays: (1) FingerPhone, a standalone device for fast, lightweight interaction that is always at hand; (2) on-finger output on touch displays, which solves occlusion problems and provides in-place information; (3) fingernail displays as in-situ information display to provide additional information and controls on physical objects; (4) interactive, animated nail art that can adjust itself to the context. Finally we sketch the path towards making the vision of fingernail displays become reality.



Martin Weigel and Jürgen Steimle

Fingernail Displays: Handy Displays at your Fingertips

CHI 2013 Workshop “Displays Take New Shape: An Agenda for Future Interactive Surfaces”.

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