Easing Rapid Prototyping of Interactive Applications for Mobile Projectors

ProjectorKit eases rapid-prototyping of interactive cross-device and multi-display applications with mobile projectors. It is based upon five interaction primitives of mobile projections: project, augment, select, command and share. These primitives are implemented using automated jitter and keystone correction, projection mapping of textures, selection events, projector and object gestures and sharing displayspace events. The event-driven programming style supports separation and encapsulation of the application logic into high-level events.

Abstract: Researchers have developed interaction concepts based on mobile projectors. Yet pursuing work in this area—particularly in building projector-based interactions techniques within an application—is cumbersome and time-consuming. To mitigate this problem, we contribute ProjectorKit, a flexible open-source toolkit that eases rapid prototyping mobile projector interaction techniques.

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