Interactive Mirror

Design and implementation of the graphical user interface for an interactive mirror. The mirror allows people to choose and wear virtual clothes and accessories in real time in front of a wall mounted multi-touch display. The project uses a Kinect camera to detect the position of the user and shows previously recorded videos and advertisements in his absence to attract new users.

Interactive mirror widgets: (left) item information; (middle) item information, color chooser and size selection; (right) rotation wheel, transparency slider and deletion.

Interactive mirror was developed by three groups and splitted in three parts: user interface, product database management, and tracking. I worked together together with Frederic Kerber, Pascal Lessel, and Michael Mauderer on the user interface. It was part of the seminar User Interface Design with libavg II at Saarland University during the winter term 2011/2012. The project was supervised by Ulrich von Zadow.