CampusMap is a multi-user application that uses the framework. It shows a map of the Saarland University and helps users to inform themselves about lectures, bus departures and the canteen menu. Different layers can be activated, sharing between the users workspaces is possible and appointments can be made between different users.

A Kinect Tracking Framework was developed as part of the project. The framework enables CampusMap, as well as, other tabletop applications to use the position and orientation of its users and to detect which user touched the table. The framework merges the tracked users of multiple Microsoft Kinects and shares them over ZeroMQ.

CampusMap was developed together with Christian Jäckel and Felix Kosmalla. It was part of the seminar Touching the 3rd Dimension at Saarland University during the winter term 2011/2012. The project was supervised by Sven Gehring.